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If there is one constant in today’s evolving business landscape, it’s that workforce management requirements will remain fluid, and this environment requires trusted and experienced partners that can leverage proven methodologies to help improve and operationalize talent sourcing, management and retention strategies.  

AP’s Strategic Solutions (APSS) group is a workforce management consultancy that leverages over 40 years of combined industry expertise and demonstrated results, in helping organizations diagnose their direct staff and contingent labor challenges to design and execute solutions that yield operational effectiveness locally, regionally and nationally. Operating in some of the nation’s most dynamic employment markets, we stand as the preeminent consulting and advisory practice that specializes in the design, development and deployment of diverse workforce solutions in four related business verticals; Healthcare, Biosciences, Accounting & Finance/Revenue Cycle Management, and Business Services. 

There is a myriad of labor management and recruitment services available to consumers seeking staffing or search support. The competitive war on talent, has led to a reactionary buying trend in procuring workforce management services that fail to address the actual root cause of staffing issues. Invariably, these approaches consistently drive an organization’s recruitment and labor spend to proliferate, while further eroding culture and retention. AP’s team of experienced consultants examine each client’s unique situation and cultural dynamics to objectively recommend prescriptive approaches that address root causes and deploy solutions that are predicated on optimizing quality, efficiency and yield cost containment for our customers.

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