Sleep Tech

Practice Area healthcare/allied-other
Job Family Allied Other
Job Type Perm Salary
Location Greater Boston

Are you able to stay focused and organized for extended periods of time? Do you possess the skills necessary to troubleshoot and thoroughly document nocturnal events in small and/or medically complex children? If so, this Pediatric Polysomnography Technologist position is for you! Apply on our website today for more information.


  • Perform standard and complex all night sleep recordings as well as sleep latency tests using necessary parameters.
  • Review patient records for main sleep complaints and examine physicians’ orders and protocols for each study.
  • Interview patient prior to sleep study to assess current sleep patterns, medications, eating/drinking habits, etc.
  • Sets up/calibrates monitoring equipment with appropriate montage. Measures and applies necessary EEG electrodes using the 10/20 system. Applies appropriate EKG, EMG, and EOG monitoring electrodes. Places and securely attaches thermistor to measure nasal/oral airflow, respiratory effort, oximetry, and ETC02. Administers supplemental O2 under physicians’ order.
  • Performs physiologic calibrations, verifies the integrity of the recording. Institutes “lights out” and notes patient data every 15 minutes on a tally sheet. Monitors the polysomnogram for clinical and physiological events. Must be able to interpret severely abnormal data/EKG rhythms and report such findings to the sleep physicians. Notes and corrects equipment malfunctions. Understands indications, contraindications and adverse effects of nasal continuous positive airway pressure (NVPAP, BI-level and oxygen administration), applies and titrates therapy based on physicians’ orders and established protocols.
  • Recognizes and responds appropriately to the patient’s medical problems and physiological events, especially cardiac arrhythmias, respiratory events and seizures. Alters the patient’s environment or changes the patient’s body position as needed to obtain the required sleep/wake data. Evaluates routine or abnormal EEG when it applies.
  • Record post-sleep calibrations and assist in the removal of equipment from the patient.
  • Follow procedures for sterilization and disinfection of all equipment used during the study.
  • Prepare detailed reports of data, diagnoses and treatments used.
  • Ability to recognize polysomnographic variables and generate a report summarizing sleep/wake periods, REM episodes, arousal analysis, EEG phenomena, cardiac events, respiratory events, limb movements, effects of CPAP, BIPAP and supplemental oxygen and other physiological event according to current guidelines.
  • Attends seminars and professional meetings to keep knowledge and skills updated and maintain CEC required for AASM accreditation. Attends department meetings whenever held.
  • Other duties as assigned


  • Following pediatric protocols for diagnostic polysomnography, multiple sleep latency testing, CPAP/bilevel/ASV titration, and oxygen titration.
  • Mask fitting and troubleshooting for PAP therapy
  • RPSGT certification preferred.
  • All new employees have one year from date of hire to become BRPT registered. Unregistered technologists are required to sit for the exam at the next possible test date and subsequent dates until registration is achieved.
  • BCLS certification is required
  • High School Diploma required.
  • Graduation from a certified hospital sleep, EEG, or respiratory therapy program is preferred. 
  • Minimum 1-2 years of PSG experience required, pediatric experience preferred. 
  • Must be able to work flexible hours, with primary emphasis on night shift 


Position ID: 38632